WL//WH Video Of The Day : ANCIENT LIGHT “Somewhere”

Ancient Light is the brand new project, together with vocalist Klaudia K., by Wroclaw, Poland based musician Philip Pace, also sonic mastermind of the more experimental, dark electronic duo Ψ / Psi with Georgian artist Keren Batok and of his post-punk, black wave solo moniker Dangerous Days.
Debut “Somewhere” is a song about wonder, ignorance and being stuck in between the two, exploring dense yet atmospheric, post-punk and darkwave territories.
After a brief ambient prelude, backed by pounding beats and swathes of glassy and sinister synths, the melodic and wistfully strong bass lead proves a perfectly subtle counterpoint to the vocals. Klaudia’s endearing, slightly throaty, pleading, solemn and curious vocals drip with mystery, sadness, and denial. Further lifting the spiritual, hypnotic, cinematic soundscape that veers from tense to ethereal, desperately longing for a garden called eternity.
The haunting DIY video shows vast landscapes with a rising sun among cliffs and valleys. Eventually a dense fog sets into the valley and we see a woman running away from it into a field. Once away from the fog she dances happily, her long black robe flowing, as the moon rises. When the fog starts to return, she slowly walks back from where she came, head hanging low in sadness.
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