WL//WH Video Of The Day: AMITURE “Operator”

Video Of The Day  Amiture  

Almost simultaneously with the release of the debut album “The Beach” through New York record label Dots Per Inch Music, Virginia-bred, Brooklyn-based musician and filmmaker Jack Whitescarver , under his new moniker Amiture, drops an esoteric video for the subconscious song “Operator”, distinctive of his lush, soulful, dancey at times, 80s tinged dim-lit synthpop, made of glossy atmospheric synth flourishes, hypnotic bass pulsations and crispy mechanical drum machines strewn with languid wistful baritone allure.

Heart pounding beats and palpitations skip and drive intense dread and anxiety through nostalgic, organic synth strains, quivering unpleasant chords, and stuttering, throbbing percussive sequences to emit a warm yet discomforting flow around deep expressive male vocal’s impassioned croons, exhaling unrelenting pain into a disruptive interlude at 1:57 to fall helpless through the distorted discord and tumultuous rhythms, reborn.

Intimate lyrics use sentient imagery and metaphor to paint a haunting portrait of lonely, sleepless nights left brooding in the fear and uncertainty of modern dystopia.

Hayley Garrigus writes, directs and edits an immersive video, starring Jack Whitescarver himself, where red amniotic fluid weighs heavily on closed eyes, dawning a new journey through layers of quantic memories, blurring past existences into the hypnotic shadows of time. Trace hawk overlays fly from subconscious desires to waking fears in an inter-dimensional transition set to erase all doubt and promise by aligning years of guilt and shame into universal symbols. Kinetic motion spawns reflections of light and mineral particles into a 3d form, sparking frenetic faces to emerge from microscopic chaos while an oppositional force in a tunnel of darkness struggles to kill all ego and free the mind.

Amiture debut full-length “The Beach” is out now, on CD & Digital, Via New York label and collective Dots Per Inch Music.

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