WL//WH Video OF The Day: ALTAN “Memoria”

Video Of The Day    ALTAN

Istanbul based dark synthpop / post-punk Turkish one-man doomer band, ALTAN, has dropped a symbolic video, created by Alper İlkutlu, for the penultimate winding and evocative single “Memoria.”

Intricate pain-filled guitar strings bleed grievous maladies into a mental tapestry of fast skipping beats, submerged pulsing bass lines, and restrained discomforting vocals to release anxious and rotting afflictions into the frenetic flurry of swirling synth strains direly mesmeric charms.

Lyrics dive into the psychological realms of shame, guilt, and hopelessness, drawing a tormented plane of timeless repetition and self-imprisonment where suffering and sadness relinquish wrongdoing and leave the soul frozen in fear.

Time stands still through a multidimensional journey of spiritual transformation. Levels of consciousness fragment through an indoor setting cast in digital deceptions, disconnected brooding, and obsessive mind wanderings, while an introspective outing walks through a fanciful neon tinted field to heal subconscious sentient memories. Dim, distant horizons form an ominous glow from a dying sunset casting darkness, shadows, and a purified rebirth into the reflective catharsis hypnotic flow.

Have a listen to the new single “Kimim Ben” released a few days ago.

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