WL//WH Video Of The Day: ALIX VAN RIPATO “Survive”


Brussels-based Dark Electronicist and DJ Alix Van Ripato returns, after an intimate interview click here, with a surreal DIY video for one of the most intriguing songs from her debut mini-album “Red Spells” via Red Maze Records, the shadowy, ethereal, equally trance and dance-inducing “Survive”.

Confessional lyrics brood in the melancholy and dread of hopelessness, whilst trying to find meaning within a merciless world of material-driven madness.

Cool, dark, and dangerous moods drive tinny flickering bass lines, low churning chasms, and hypnotic, staggering rhythms to dance and torment angelic breathless vocal airs, floating weary and helpless through a dim, distorted, droning synth-scape of ominous acidic reveries.

A murky sun-drenched aura casts mystery and gloom through the Belgian Flemish magic forest, while a gorgeous black-clad AVP invokes Mother Nature’s enchanted energy from her Celtic ancestor’s mythic lore. Sweeping, slow-motion camera work captures an intimate barefoot walk into a spiritual maze where subconscious emotions extract blurry visions, universal symbols, and mystical invocations from the mind’s eye of perception, shifting tone and temperament into a distant sunset of transcendental dreams.

Alix Van Ripato‘s debut mini-album, “Red Spells“, is available, on Limited Edition Tapes & 12” Vinyl, through AVR & Red Maze Records’ Bandcamp.

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