WL//WH Video Of The Day: ALIX VAN RIPATO “Sun”


Brussels based Dark Electronic musician, radio host on WAVES and DJ, Alix Van Ripato was born and grew up in Bretagne, France surrounded by the haunting mystery and the arcane magic of the Celtic lore and legends, very much alive still today, accordingly her innate connection to the spirits of the sea and forest inspires her upcoming debut mini-album “Red Spells“, soon to be released on June 21, 2022, via Red Maze Records.

A symbolic DIY video for the first single, “Sun”, explores Alix’s liberating incantations and pagan rituals as “music to dance to without being judged.”

Devotional lyrics brood and yearn in a helpless obsession about the inherent healing and comforting qualities of the “Sun.”.

Chilly, ominous, and forlorn hues stack low, sad bass vibrations, steady marching beats, and cool, drifting synth swathes into a dark shroud around numb, melancholic vocal layerings, shifting in strength and temperament within ghostly layers of tingling, scintillating, agitated moods to emerge hopeful into angelic celestial breathes of unconditional love.

Introspective negative light photography, through images from Carnac, Britanny and Boitsfort, Brussels, projects alternate dimensions from a meandering soul, whose fear of abandonment evokes frozen isolation and pain. Electric blue-tinged sentiments frame dystopic 180-degree view manipulations, hypnotic, strobing overlays, and a timeless woods backdrop to open the mind’s eye of curiosity into a frigid wasteland of sunless daytime skies. White shadows sync ceremoniously with the distorted frequencies of the soundtrack whilst visiting the tombstones of loved ones invokes the cosmic spirit of distant melancholy to heal traumatic memories with the vast wisdom of our ancestor’s knowledge.

Alix Van Ripato‘s debut mini-album “Red Spells“, is slated for release, on Tapes, Vinyl 12” & Digital formats, on June 21, 2022, via Red Maze Records.

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