WL//WH Video Of The Day: ALINA VALENTINA “Queen of the Darkness”


Den Haag-based electronic producer ALINA VALENTINA delivers immersive, moody, retro synthwave vibes with an engaging video, created by Hansje Hofland, for the dark and whimsical new single “Queen of the Darkness”, taken from Alina’s upcoming second album, “Life is like a fairytale”, scheduled to be released on the 25th of February

Poetic lyrics build a fantastical realm of lust, pride, and domination where a “Queen of the Darkness” accepts the crown with delight.

A steady deep bouncing and burbling bassline slowly steers mystical auras layered with zippy bright synth chords, floaty humming eerie strands, hypnotic beats, and elated whirls of artificial 8-bit melodies around the emotional and angsty vocal harmonies of somber reflections, falling pleasures, and spoken word flair to create a mercurial bubble of nostalgia-fueled dreams.

Retro modern neon visuals blur pop colour dimensions over a renegade gamer, whose penchant for shooter games lands her a bittersweet reward. A mysterious key opens into a dark room with a flashing riddle box where a hidden realm of seduction, obsession, and desire lights the mind’s eye of temptation on fire.

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