WL//WH Video of the Day: AILSA and the SEAHORSES “Seventeen”

Video of the Day AILSA and the SEAHORSES

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland ethereal indie singer/songwriter Ailsa McEwan started solo project Ailsa and the Seahorses in 2012 and has been wowing audiences with her signature guitar strum paired with uniquely casual yet arresting vocals. Part of a new generation of DIY artists, her latest video release was recorded in a wardrobe, mixed in a living room and filmed with a friend on a very limited budget. 

“Seventeen” is the debut single and video from Ailsa and the Seahorses‘ upcoming debut 4-track EP “The Centre of Everything” set for release July 26th and launched two days later, the 28th, at Edinburgh’s Leith Depot.

Catch Ailsa at the Kelburn Garden Party and Lindisfarne Festival this summer!

Gentle, easy, and breezy relaxed strums layered under poignant gleaming tense guitar melodies create a contrast between the carefree happy days of naiveté and the dauntingly distrustful days of adulthood jaded by experience. The star of the song is the prominent subtly expressive relaxed, mellow, and crystalline vocals that casually give insight into the shallow layers observed while hints of sass, sorrow, and pride illuminate the deep feelings lying buried beneath years of heartbreaking afflictions acquainted with the dark side of existence.

A song about inner demons and struggling to see the good around you with a little bit of longing to go back to a simpler time. A woman searches her memories for a time when life was simple and realizes nothing has changed except for herself. A nostalgic trip to the dreamy age of seventeen brings magic, wonder, and disappointment as life’s arrows have hardened her heart. Struggling to find goodness amid the turmoil she allows warm memories into her veins, but the cold melancholy and malaise overcome the remembrance leaving her alone and longing for a  yesterday that has long gone by.

The companion montage portrays a lonely and nostalgic journey in an attempt to recapture the innocence of youth. A fearsome day in the life video depicts a lost young girl opening her eyes on a deserted beach before beginning an esoteric journey to find her unblemished soul. An ominous stop to gaze at tombstones foreshadows the tour as it comes full circle with a ceremonial bonfire on the beach.  The accompanied lyrics, “I’ve been down for five years now, In the coldest heart, in the ground, Put the earth over me”, engulf the haunting medley adding intrigue to an undeniably spooky mystery.

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