WL//WH Video Of The Day: AGONISED TOO “Summer Suffering” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day   AGONISED TOO                    

Agonised Too is a newcomer Synth-Pop project from Poland comprised of the audiovisual artist, musician and music producer (creator of HRV) Bartosz Hervy and the vocalist, and songwriter of the ‘ghost rock’ duo Hidden by Ivy, Rafał Tomaszczuk, which explicitly hit pleasure spots of the ’80s sound imagery inspired by Electro-Pop luminaries such as Pet Shop Boys, OMD, and Depeche Mode flavoured with a breezy Italo Disco twist.

The duo have shared an Official Video by Hervy.Art for “Summer Suffering”, the new single and title track of Agonised Too‘s upcoming  debut album, scheduled for the 20th of June, to get you dancing through the summer season, inevitably ending with longing and holding on to a feeling you don’t want to let go.

Listeners will be taken back to a nostalgic 80s romance where “Summer Suffering” stirs the urgent glaring pulse of retro flashing synth riffs and ominous buzzing swells, resonating over hypnotic undulating low ends, relentless punchy snare beats and rattling rolling percussions, whilst desperate, fretful vocals, layered with soft baritone echoes, realize their idealized lover doesn’t feel the same way.

The Official Video by HERVY.ART imaginatively crafts a holiday Summer vibe by setting ‘live’ Polaroid pictures against a utopic sunburnt ocean view. The story unfolds with dancing and mini disco ball clad captures of Agonised Too edited in shifting shades of strobing prismatic filters. Then, candid snapshots of a dancing beauty, a neon-lit dancefloor, and an unexpected black cat fill in the blanks whilst retro 80s script puts the final touch on the vision.

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