WL//WH Video of the Day: ADIÓS COMETA “Franco”

Video Of The Day Adiós Cometa

Hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica alternative rock 4-piece Adiós Cometa, made up of Jonathan Villalobos (guitar, vox), Emanuel Mora (guitar, vox), Mark Murillo (bass, vox) and Pablo Matamoros (drums), whose friendship and common musical experiences brought them to form the band in 2019 with the aim of creating, through ‘mucho reverb, chorus y delay’, an equally melodious, introspective and melancholic sound, that joins the dots between shoegaze, dream pop and post-punk. 

The quartet have just released their debut single “Franco”, accompanied by the related video, that will be part of the forthcoming 3-track EP “La Isla Que Somos” EP, slated for release at the end of 2020.

Tense repetitive chiming guitar chords sparkle over the relentless momentum of slightly abrasive mechanical strums, combined with low bass pulse radiation and nimble drums, as soft passionate male vocals long in heartfelt emotion, cradled in a dramatic pause, left soaring beautiful bittersweet melodies, set forth into a vintage vibe with a modern twist.

Spanish lyrics add heat and intimacy into the emotional push and pull between holding on and letting go in a beautiful farewell to a fate left written in the stars. The song dives into the friction found in growing older, yearning for the past, and self-awareness where an adult realizes he cannot relive his youth.

Travel back in time on a scenic journey into the pink mists of a psychedelic mystery swept in old photographs, official documents, and passport stamps, tied together with a romantic satin ribbon set against the timeless backdrop of San Jose, where aerial views shoot through the white fluffy clouds onto the rippled mountain peaks and valleys. Hazy vintage vibe video transitions chic retro fashion, historic and religious monuments, and a coastal amusement park cast in muted rays of sunshine and flickering time-lapse photography with a colourful backward revolution to capture a slice of life nostalgia gleaming with rare beauty.

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