WL//WH Video Of The Day : ADAM USI “Unter Wasser”

Video Of The Day   

Hailing from Augsburg, Germany, minimal electronic artist Adam Usi is distinguished by his versatile voice, ranging from smooth and poppy to loud and very screamy, to give distinctive and emotional nuances to his synth-laden sad and wistful pop songs.

Following the new full-length “In Plastique Bloom” at the start of the year, through Young & Cold Records, and unveiled the first single/video from his voice-based experimental side-project Caspar Camomilla, not to forget his vocals contribution to a track from our Dutch favourite Bragolin, here is the visuals from “probably the most personal song from the new album”.

The music-video created by Alessandra Morphosita feat. actress Nadine Schramm, begins with the sound of flowing water intermingling with ominous soothing synths as we are led down a stark white unlit corridor. A ghastly figure breifly appears behind one of the windows as if asking for help. The vocals are hypnotic and monotone as we go to a subteranean level of the building with only a small window and shard of light. With layered vocals Usi manages to reach high wavering tones while maintaining the low murmor, almost sounding like a duet.

The chanting vocals repeat, “under water” while simultaneouly asking questions about life and reflecting on the validity of their intial reactions. As the song reaches it’s climax, Usi is howling maniacally as the woman appears to be swimming through the trees. The synths remian a low steady hum almost like a church organ during a lecture. All the while the woman has really been confined behind bars in a building, seemingly unable to leave. Creating an atmosphere of depression, isolation, and strangely hope as we hear, “I do not hate myself that much…anymore.”

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