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When I interviewed Vancouver-based “post-post-punk” 4-piece Actors‘ mastermind Jason Corbett, exactly one year ago here, in my naivety of someone who held out for years to the allure of the social media, I couldn’t believe that his band was still mainly a phenomenon for the chosen few.

It was the time of “Reanimated” EP, a ‘revived’ versions of six previous tracks, and it was still not clear for me what the future held for the band.

Jason, after sharing our common devotion for David Lynch, closed with : “More music. More shows. More…”

Hope? certainty?

Music?  An year later Actors‘ glittering debut full-length “It Will Come To You”, through Artoffact Records, is definitely one of the most significant releases of 2018, one of the few contemporary album I can listen from top to bottom, even multiple times, and never get bored;  rooted in the past, steeped in the present and with a vision of the future.

Shows? The band are currently taking by storm our European lands with their first extensive tour ever, that will end up in their glorious partecipation in Mid May Leipzig‘s Wave Gotik Treffen , before being involved in several Summer Festivals around the world.

“Crystal” is a hypnotizing, synth-fueled alluring danceable pop number, where the synthesized wizardry of the lovely Shannon Hemmett shines once again in a completely wonderful intersection of new wave sounds. 
I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t receive the remix treatments very soon.
Check out the beautiful video directed by music and portrait photographer, artist Fiona Garden filmed in the streets of London starring her ‘heroic’ son Hiero Black.
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