WL//WH Video Of The Day: ABU NEIN “Love In Vain”

Video Of The Day Abu Nein

Enigmatic Malmö-based, Swedish darkwavers ABU NEIN, made of Dennis Lood (Abu Aljahim), Erica Li Lundqvist (Abu Iblis) and Anders Nordensson (Abu Jinn), after the quite impressive debut EP “I Will Rise”, keep on honing their 80s influenced, goth-tinged, dark electronic sound with the release of the new single/video “Love In Vain (ft. Mort-Moi)” taken from the upcoming album “Secular Psalms”, slated for release in summer 2020 by Young & Cold Records (Germany) & Rundgång Rekords (Sweden).

“Love In Vain” unfolds dire, striking and flashing synth riffs that surround repetitive, hypnotic backbeats, as detached sorrowful female vocals deeply rise amongst relentless low pulsing bleak bassline into mesmerizing and pervasive melodies of profoundly striking melancholia.

“In 1939 Robert Johnson released the song Love In Vain. The song is about a man in love, who walks a woman to the train station, just to see her leave on the train.
He sings about unrequited love where the train is a metaphor for all that is lost.
Abu Nein’s new single Love In Vain has nothing to do with the original song, apart from the rumour that both Johnson and the members of Abu Nein are supposed to have sold their soul to the devil.”

Confessional lyrics reveal a lonely life filled with lust, pleasure, and vanity from which an ominous debt must soon be paid.

Cruelly dramatic black and white video, produced and directed by Suzi Lindell Bergman, strikes sharp contrasts amid radiating 3D-esque layers of electric blue, green and red for a beautifully sad and emotionally subdued performance in front of an enchanted party of one. Aged cinematics flicker fore tellingly through a platinum blonde curl, piercing the dark backdrop of hidden pain and shadows, casting doubt into the tinted lenses of distorted adoration.

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