WL//WH Video Of The Day: ABRASIVE TREES “Moulding Heaven With Earth”


UK’s multifaceted experimental music project Abrasive Trees, founded by singer, composer and musician Matthew Rochford, returns with the Double-A side single “Moulding Heaven With Earth / Kali Sends Sunflowers” via SHAPTA label, the first as a full-band, including live members Jerome Hitchens (Drums), Jay Newton (Guitars), and Ben Roberts (Bass), along with Lucy Board (vocal, synth), accompanied by a mind-bending video by Jess Woller.

“Moulding Heaven With Earth” is about, in part, how we try to line everything up perfectly in our lives – and how this never quite works. But it’s also about some deeper truths about our potential as human beings

An immersive and atmospheric alchemy of arcane folksy vibes and reverberant lysergic depths unfurls over poignant, nostalgic and shimmering dulcimer chords, underlying spoken word lyrical poetry, to ignite an introspective excursion into the nether region of self-inflicted failure, where obsessively glistening wistful guitar arpeggios, underpinned by somberly smooth bass pulses, foretell a wicked fate whilst interacting with piercing, sinister, and searing melodies, cut by hypnotic stumbling drum beats and breathless sighs, to swell with tumultuous resonant urgency into dire, changing seasons swaying relentlessly through disenchanted dreams.

Metaphysical lyrics reflect on the invisible inner realm of meditation, insight, and manifestation through a disgruntled lens of perfection.

The heady video by Jess Woller expands abstract textures into depth-defying translucent dimensions over an intimate rehearsal. Psychedelic vibes fashion geometric formations, frenetic atomic structures, and shape-shifting moods to invoke blurry visions from ominous shadows lurking secretly beneath the shimmery veil of subconscious fear. Manifestations of desire emerge to open the mind’s eye of transformative powers using evolving symbols and trace light overlays from a parallel timeline to illuminate etched insight from our ancestral well of wisdom.

AbrasiveTrees’ single, “Moulding Heaven With Earth / Kali Sends Sunflowers”, is available now on cassette, CD or download via the band’s Bandcamp and also available on all the best music platforms.

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