WL//WH Video Of The Day: ABRACADABRA “Dirty Pan”

Video Of The Day Abracadabra

Hailing from Oakland, California, electronic pop duo Abracadabra, comprised of former Maus Haus member, Chris Niles and Cassiopeia‘s singer Hannah Skelton, are back with two singles in a row after their debut tune “Comb Your Hair”, born out of a chance encounter in October 2019 through a Halloween band covering early Eurythmics ‘In The Garden’.

The band ably combine melodic synth-laden retro-futuristic avant-pop with the urgent and intense rhythmic energy of the early 80s NY new wave, flavoured by a playful, yet witty and pensive attitude.

A DIY video release for the dystopian last track, “Dirty Pan”, follows the pair on a colorful journey through the city streets of Japan and into the socio-political realms of the 2020 elections.

Bleak moods get lost in a chaotic haze of swirling icy synth stabs, while light off-tempo beats skip along meandering buzzing bassline pulses, as dreamy detached female vocals fall sadly into the swirling textures of nostalgic restlessness.

Symbolic lyrics contrast the warm and cold sentiments associated with people during popular movements and the inevitable question “Where do all the people go?”.

The dichotomous visuals alternate the exciting neon-lit backdrop of Japan with dreamy hypnotic black and white hand dance choreography to form a glaring tension in sync with the soundtrack. Electrifying urban architecture, swept in subway lines, arcades, and a retro-futuristic payphone, ignites the imagination on fire, while time-lapse overlay transitions deconstruct the overwhelming city streets into a relaxing subconscious glitch.

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