WL//WH Video Of The Day: 9-VOLT VELVET “The Awe of You”

Video Of The Day  9-VOLT VELVET 

Muscle Shoals, Alabama-based via Dallas, Texas veteran shoegaze noise-rockers 9-Volt Velvet returns with an immersive video for the awash-in-fuzz-and-reverb haunting love song “The Awe of You” off last July’s compelling 5-track EP “Mirrors.”

A dizzying combination of My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain’s heavy obscure misty vibes, the track unleashes tight crushing drum beats that pound relentlessly along with grimy, droning undulating bass lines, swelling ominously  underneath an immersive hazy swarm of high-pitched distorted guitar wails, to stir brooding, staggering moods, engulfing agonized, teasing vocals, confessing love and adoration into a tumultuous emotional headspace, induced by “The Awe of You.”

The trippy visuals alternate spooky retro black and white clips with a smoky neon fused performance to open unseen dimensions of mystery and dread. Vast outdoor panoramic views cut to gritty urban decay visions to draw secret shadowy silhouettes from the mind’s eye of paranoia. Thoughtful editing and vintage memories set the stage for a scary Halloween ending that captures the spirit of running down a street alone at night with nowhere to hide, seamlessly syncing with the dark obsessive vibes of the soundtrack.

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