WL//WH Video Of The Day: 9-VOLT VELVET “Mirror Maze”

Video Of The Day  9-VOLT VELVET 

Hailing from Dallas, Texas via Muscle Shoals, Alabama veteran Alternative Rock/ Shoegaze band formed around the mid-90s (featuring members of The Northern Lights & Viva Voce), 9-Volt Velvet, returned to the music scene in 2019 after a decades-long hiatus, to release the EP, “Cathedrals”, at the start of the current year, followed recently by another 5-track EP, “Mirrors”, accompanied by an immersive video for the second song, “Mirror Maze”, where washed-out fuzzy guitar riffs and enigmatic, magnetic vocals dive into a heady lyrical atmosphere of spectacular visions as seen through the fabled looking glass.

The band deliver a vigorous, enveloping, and sparkling guitar-laden shoegazing sound, conjuring early Ride and Catherine Wheel, to feed a hypnotic, throbbing yet restrained wall of noisy distortion in a relentless surge of nervous tension, underpinned by steady drum beats and murmuring swelling bass lines, simmering with intense restless emotions, whilst haunted, high-angst whispery vocals flow bewitched through intoxicating metallic-strewn mists of wistful electrifying chaos.

Hazy cyber video visions transform the mind’s eye of inverted perception into a dizzying psychedelic maze of alternate dimensions. Surreal and disorienting imagery casts shape-shifting shades of altered consciousness over a series of endless quests to evoke confusion and conflict from a subconscious labyrinth of fear and desire. Disconnected waves of transformative frequencies twist reality into a malevolent realm of shadow self-intentions where transhuman configurations hide deceptively in the backdrop, drawing a hypnotized soul into a Futuristic agenda of dire, dystopic dreams.

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