WL//WH Video Of Day: SWESOR BHRATER “Nature”

Video Of Day Swesor Bhrater

The Spring Equinox has just passed, and as usual, we could not fail to celebrate ‘the energies of the moment that we call: OSTARA, as we have done in the past and although with a few days late, with Swesor Bhrater, the French experimental DIY project of Victor-Yann & Yule, the former, brother of the Invasion Planète Recordings founder and former Le Syndicat Electronique mastermind Alaxis Andreas G, with whom he shares the moniker of Bruta Non Calculant.

Swesor Bhrater‘sound is a heady concoction of minimal electronics, coldwave, neo-folk, industrial, psychedelic sonic nuances amidst poetry strongly marked by the neo-romanticism of the last century, and medieval and pagan mysticism.

Pounding tribal percussive rhythms rumble down a dense resonant bass undertow pierced by tinny triangle pings amid subdued abrasive guitar strums forming an ominous counterbalance to the intense quivering icy synth melodies and urgent male vocals wept in strong trembling fear interspersed with calm peaceful female repetitions in a dramatic soundscape of Emily Dickinson‘s beloved poem, “Nature.”

Eye-opening, nostalgic video begins with beautiful landscapes and the serenity of human interaction within them. Muted neon colours mix with time-lapse photography to form a distorted vision of the birth and death of innocent flowers, as mankind involves themselves in harvesting and polluting Mother Earth’s gift of aestheticism and nutrition. A disturbing collage of deforestation, human bones and industrial modernization completes the cycle of careless waste in a desperate attempt at conquering civilization’s “Nature.”

Swesor Bhrater has recently started a second musical project in parallel called Lésion Française, still with Yule and another artist/performer, the trio explore the French post-punk style, focusing more on the satyric, cynical and political side of human society.

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