WL//WH Video Of Day: SVAJ. “Until We Fall” (Official Music Video)

WL//WH Video Of Day   SVAJ.

Stockholm, Swedenbased proto-EBM / Minimal Synth duo Svaj., made up of founding member, cartoonist, artist, musician and stalwart of the local synth subculture since the late ’80s (a.k.a. Syntet), Tomas Z Westberg (electronics, vocals) and bass player Anders O Öhgren, return with the DIY Official Video for “Until We Fall”, to deliver an intriguing glimpse of the band’s both experimental and danceable, Dark Electronic sound from the just-released second and eponymous EP “Until We Fall.”

Cloaked in a cold, bleak, and sinister aura the single mechanically throbs through industrial-dusted relentless clanky rhythmic patterns along with ominous thick and murky low-end vibrations, surrounded by a darkened icy veil of pulsing buzzing synths, swaying with distorted frequencies around stoic, haunted spoken word vocals, coping with a dystopic reality by dancing “Until We Fall.”

Depth-defying visuals merge man and technology into an eerie ‘ghost in the machine’ mindset, where magic symbols and virtual interpretations sync seamlessly with the vibes of the soundtrack. Mysterious mists veil a late-night performance in shadows and secrecy whilst translucent overlays signify macabre influences are at play, drawing the viewer into a modern metaphysical realm where dark symbols embed themselves into the subconscious mind’s field of vision.

Svaj.‘s second 6-track EP “Until We Fall” is out now, on Vinyl 12″ & digital formats, via the band’s Bandcamp.

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