WL//WH Video Of Day: SVAJ. “Fallback”

WL//WH Video Of Day   SVAJ.

Fresh from becoming a duo, comprised of founding member, cartoonist, artist, and musician Tomas Z Westberg (electronics, vocals) and bass player Anders O Öhgren, Stockholm, Sweden-based Goth and EBM-tinged Dark Minimal Synth project Svaj. have dropped the first teaser, “Fallback”, via TZW Produktion, from a series of songs to be released over 2023, accompanied with an imaginative video made of various art pieces by Monica Westberg (1938-2011).

Eerie lurched-up out-of-tune carillon-like sounds elicit mysterious lilting muted patters, intersected by relentlessly repetitive stark snares and subtly tinny hits, underlying stoic ceremonial vocals, cloaked in a barren and bleak oppressive mist built by wintry buzzing currents, rustling FX,  gurgling bass throbs, and ominous coarse swelling slivers, to echo, with despairing resonance, an immense desolation at the hands of lost love.

Engaging visuals sync seamlessly with the shadowy vibes of the soundtrack by layering evocative dark and dreary abstract artwork by Monica Westburg with spell-casting lyrics and black nail-polished hand manipulations while vintage typewriter flairs and modern animated waves of motion lend an eclectic séance vibe to the doomed Gothic Romance.

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