WL//WH Video Of Day: IOANA IORGU “Porto”


Ioana Iorgu is an independent musician, singer, and composer based in The Netherlands who, along with drummer Peter, form an ‘unsettling poetic Post-punk duo’ fresh from dropping the Shoegaze-inflected new single/video “Porto”, to explore the awful feeling one has, whilst yearning to leave the depths of heartache and despair.

“Porto” is one song that has a very special place in my heart. It was written a bit more than a year ago after my trip to Portugal, but the timing to release it didn’t feel right, up until now. In Lisbon, dreaming of Porto.

Haunting and simmering cinematic auras encompass distant searing echoing guitar distortions through dark reflective billows of soft urgent drum beats and broody bass line throbs, to soar in bursting excruciating wails around poignant, aching vocals and desperate doubt-filled whispers, fading helplessly into heady swarms of psychological dominion.

Evocative visuals capture a blurry performance of tenebrous emotional frequencies set against grey glistening waters, to reflect the numb, meandering moods of the soundtrack. Dreary monochromatic attire and excruciating facial expressions further enhance the mental moment by creating the vision of a ghostly apparition wandering through a limbonic realm of deep trauma.

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