WL//WH Video Of The Day: ANJEL “Shagi”

Video Of The Day ANJEL 

Slovakian new wave / post-punk duo from Zvolen, AJEL, made of Sushicide bandmates Leonard Šereš (drummer) and Richard Barcík (guitarist), while working on new jams, have found time, during the lazy days of the quarantine, to release a music video for the song “Shagi”, taken from last June’s 5-track debut EP “Ogni Moyego Goroda”.

Peppy, mechanical beats, punctuated by distant whip hits, hop asymmetrically amidst sharp windy synth melodies along with low rubbery bassline vibrations and piercing guitar slivers, while dual baritone male vocals alternate strong emotional releases into a quaint and poignant interlude of droning electronic rhythms.

Esoteric lyrics explore the distorted time continuum that exists within the altered state of consciousness produced, while brooding and daydreaming to reveal a drastic swing between the slow, churning seconds of hell to the infinite, timeless horizons of freedom.

Black and white video, directed by Max Gábor (www.gabor.photo), weaves gradient shades of contrast and symbolism into an emotional live performance surrounded by smoky shape-shifting auras of mysterious Martian-like lands.  Multi-dimensional camera angles cast awkward depth and proportion onto impromptu dance scenes clad in an eclectic mix of modish style with edgy, jovial smiles.

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