WL//WH Track Premiere: VLIMMER “Stecknadelkopf”

Track Premiere  VLIMMER

Berlin-based hyper-prolific DIY musician Alexander Leonard Donat, under his VLIMMER moniker, is going to release the double EP “XIII/XIIII (13&14)”, as part of the 18-EP series, due out June 21st through his own label Blackjack Illuminist Records.

Vlimmer‘s ambitious and visionary concept contains the narrative of a man on a journey trying to understand his inner struggles and strifes, underscored by experimental soundscapes where the artist channels all his own musical heritage and influences in an intense and immersive concoction of electronic, ambient, darkwave, post-punk, shoegaze, psych, kraut, noise and industrial splinters.

The ‘dark-gaze’ number “Stecknadelkopf/Pinhead, we are pleased to premiere, is quintessential abrasive and poignant Vlimmer we do like most, where twisted and unsettling melodies make their way through an ominous, vibrating and fervent intertwining of sharp guitar distortions, punching industrial-tinged tight rhythm patterns, swathes of striking, blinding synths that throb and pound by conveying harsh chaotic confusion encapsulated by pained and impassioned vocals helplessly lost in sadness, anxiety and fear.

Travelling through time for answers a man finds himself in utero. Unable to handle the sensation he runs away only to discover his head has floated skyward. He looks down and sees his feet running all he can do is float.

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