WL//WH Track Premiere: VLIMMER “Augenlicht”

WL//WH Track Premiere  Vlimmer

VLIMMER, the Berlin-based DIY one-man-project of Alexander Leonard Donat Fir Cone Children, Leonard Las Vegas, Feverdreamt, Leonard Donat, Infravoids) is going to release the new EP “XIIIII” (15), as part of the 18-EP series, on November 28th, 2019, CD/Cassette/Download,  via his own label Blackjack Illuminist Records.

In November 2015, Vlimmer project headed off with the first two parts of an EP-series which he claimed to be as just the beginning of a huge journey based on the story of a young man trying to literally travel back in time to find out about the circumstance of his birth and what made him the way he is as an adult. On the 15th of 18 parts the story takes a hopeless turn, with the protagonist fleeing from the overwhelming, disturbing past he had barely entered, and – in an attempt to return to the present – gets stuck in a bleak place without any notion of time and space. All he gets is a hint of softly lit stars and black canvas.

“XIIIII” is about surrendering to the overwhelmingly abysmal puzzle that is life. The songs themselves are an emotional manifest made of a waving skeleton that is wrapped in post-punk flesh and a soul that is equally dreamy as it is sorrowful.

“Augenlicht”, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, simmers with a ruggedly dramatic swell of suspenseful synth grinds, abrasively skimming the low rumbling undercurrent of fast thumping backbeats and deep, subtle humming bassline as distressed struggling vocals lost in isolation, painstakingly search for answers, amid the dark, charming allure of zither strings woven into delicate, shimmering chimes dripping daring melodies amid sad, breathlessly sweeping synth surrenders.

Floating weightless in deep contemplation over a direly uncertain future stirs up latent feelings of insecurity and inferiority within the heart of a directionless man whose inability to cope with life has caused him to bury his head in the sand as he fears for the worst.

VLIMMER‘s new EP “XIIIII” (15) is due out, CD/Cassette/Download, on November 28th, 2019 via his own label Blackjack Illuminist Records. Check it out!

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