WL//WH Track Premiere: THE MARQUIS “Skin Sigils” [Periphylla Records]

WL//WH Track Premiere THE MARQUIS  

Barcelona‘s Periphylla Records, a sub-label of Diffuse Reality Records, specialized in CD, Tape and soon Vinyl formats, is going to release its 4th catalog number [PHY 444] in the form of the collaborative EP, titled “In The Glory of Idols”, between Berlin-based, Montreal industrial/EBM artist THE MARQUIS and the French experimental electronic project BLACK EGG, lead by USHERsun, founder of 80s coldwave legends Norma Loy.

3 original tracks plus remixes from Pressure Vessel, 89s†, Squaric, L’Avenir due out, CD/Digital, on June 16, 2020.

“Skin Sigils” the track by Montreal‘s multi-instrumentalist and composer Tetsuo Paradis, A.K.A. The Marquis, WL//WH is very pleased to premiere, is a destructive descent into oblivion via an extreme jolt upward, captured in ominously sweltering and clanging cold vast expansions, erupt in electric currents of buzzing bass distortion, tight thumping kicks and hissing hats, as abrasive agonized screams of misunderstood rage spew undaunted confessional fury, swept in swirling serpentine rumbling throbs, infused with suffocating inhalations and frustrating release, pierced by erratic frequencies zipping downward in disharmonious distrust, “I never want to see you again.”

The Marquis and Black Egg – ‘In the glory of idols’ (Periphylla by Diffuse Reality Records)
Cat: PHY 444

01. Poison Mask
02. Skin Sigils
03. The Castration of Adam
04. The Castration of Adam (Pressure Vessel remix)
05. Poison Mask (89s † remix)
06. Castration of Adam (Squaric remix)
07. Castration of Adam (L’Avenir Stille nacht remix)

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