WL//WH Track Premiere: FEU FOLLET “La Queue Du Loup”

Premiere  Feu Follet

Feu Follet is a brand new one-man band from Lorraine, France, which was formed by Alban Blaising to blend influences from the wave territory with those of the indie sector. It results in an unusual and fresh approach that
revives old synthwave, new wave, darkwave patterns with the atmospheric means of vibrant post-rock and shoegaze.

Marked by the prevalent use of analog synthesizers, dream-pop sounding guitars, and vocoder, the instrumental ten tracks are inspired by Lorraine‘s rural and mysterious folklore with their names suggested by local places, legendary creatures from regional popular beliefs, old proverbs and popular expressions of regional language.

Sonically immersive and emotionally wrenching, “La Queue Du Loup”, the track we’re glad to premiere, unwinds extensive, icy, ominous washes of synth, and repetitive hypnotic kicks and snares, sharpened by urgent, bleeding, and dramatic guitar melodies overwhelm faint unintelligible vocoder gasps choking on fear, anxiety, and misfortune running dangerously out of time. Searing and sorrowful repetitive stripped-down guitar bleeds give way to staggering flanged synth swirl over subtle foreboding low bass pulsations and harrowing vocoder in a drifting dire finale.

Feu Follet‘s debut album “Le Champ Des Morts” is due out July 26, 2019, CD/Cassette/Digital, through Berlin-based independent label Blackjack Illuminist Records.

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