WL//WH Track Of The Day: ZALVOX “Zalmoxis”

Track Of The Day  ZALVOX

Under the new Zalvox moniker, Erfurt-based sound designer Ribi (aka Rinaldo Bite as one half with Daniel Myer of Industrial inflected Electro experimentalists Liebknecht, as well as Static Sky ) and Leipzig-based singer Dorain (ex Riga, and ex Framheim) join forces, giving birth to a truly nuanced and gripping collaboration.

“exclusively with hardware synths, groove boxes and samplers, combined with the very expressive and independent-sounding vocal delivery, resulting in an exciting, minimalist, atmospheric mixture between Electro-Pop and Synth-Wave”.

Persuasive and refined, not without dystopian atmospheric electro suggestions in the intro, the duo’s debut single, “Zalmoxis”, drives a desolate restless journey of a lost soul into the depths of a collapsing world, punctuated by an obsessive, ominous and compulsive backdrop of bare-bones lashing drum programming, hypnotic skipping kicks along with frenzied undulating basslines, stabbed by sharp-edged flashing synth echoes and eerie hissing FXs, whilst intense emotional vocals rise and fall in angsty, pain-filled harmonies, wandering in search of light.

Mixed by fellow Daniel Myer and mastered by experienced renowned musician Manuel G. Richter (Leaf Audio), definitely an intriguing debut.

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photo by @borishajdukovic