WL//WH Track Of The Day: YOU SAID FOREVER “Heavy Heart”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  You Said Forever

The search for a song that would awaken me from the torpor due to the hottest and most humid day of the year so far, seemed a difficult, if not hopeless, undertaking, roaming through soulless dream pop and derivative shoegaze, as the best, yet familiar, options remained the once again excellent new track from My Raining Stars, Chicago’s dreampop charm of Cool Heat and the precious return from Down Under of Sacred Blue, but then out of the blue, as often happens, here is the burst of energy and swell of emotions swarming with every note radiating by a captivating whirlwind of urgent rhythms, ringing guitars, enthralling melodic entanglements and dreamy melancholic vocalizations from the brand new single, “Heavy Heart”, by Swedish 4-pieces You Said Forever, one of those tunes that instantly envelop me and from which I don’t want to leave.

Fresh from last February’s debut EP, “Youland”, the band from Halmstad play a ’90s infused indie rock with Midwest emo streaks, dry, energetic and wistfully melodic, raw and airy at the right point, with an intoxicating guitar work that builds, amid distortions, reverbs and overlaps, a dizzying and sparkling rollercoaster of emotive introspection and sudden flurries of turmoil.

With a cover artwork that vaguely recalls Stone Roses’ “Made Of Stone”, “Heavy Heart” is one of the very first songs, equally loved and hated, written as a band, laced with comforting lyrics that dwell in brooding moods of friendship and love to promise another “I’ll be there” and “We’ll be fine.”

Obsessive and resonant blaring and twinkling guitar melodies, soaked in reverb-filled entrancing electricity, underscored by hypnotic rolling peppy drum beats along with sinuously hearty bassline pulses, writhe, stretch and twirl in winding ups and downs of lovelorn intensity, to cast a transfixing vibrant emotional weave of chaotic reflections around somber, meandering vocals, longing in angsty bittersweet harmonies of hopeless romance.

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