WL//WH Track Of The Day: YABLONYA / ЯБЛОНЯ “еврокафе/eurocafè”

Track Of The Day  Yablonya / Apple Tree

YABLONYA / ЯБЛОНЯ [Apple Tree] is a Russian indie-pop duo started in 2017 by former members of Moscow-based post-punk band Human Tetris, Antonina Minaeva (vocals, synth, programming) and Arvid Krieger (bass), who have just dropped their brand new single, the tenth to be precise, titled“еврокафе/eurocafè”.

‘еврокафе/eurocafe’ shows Apple Tree‘s flair for building synth-laden immersive and touching indie-pop treats with post-punk and synthwave undertones, infused with introspective melancholic melodies, while eliciting darkly, disturbing underlying strains of unease, both caressing yet unsettling at the same time.

Drum programming propels steadily, awash by hissing and droning synth drifts revolving around a heart-wrenching deep sombre melody-carrying bassline, that pulses seamlessly exuding an all-encompassing sense of helplessness and distress, sorely spinning around distant, detached, fearful female vocals fret of discomforting isolation in a hidden oppression, where a woman finds herself alone and disconnected, as depression numbs her soul.