WL//WH Track Of The Day: WYWY “Isolated”

Track Of The Day WYWY

Still missing a group from the United Arab Emirates?
WYWY is a dream pop / ethereal wave couple, Xtianne & Mckie Alvarez, of Philippine origins, based in Dubai.
Apparently not too prolific, a couple of singles and an EP since early 2017, the pair have just released a new song, “Isolated”, written during the first weeks of lockdown, lyrically laced with vast stark loneliness and fear, left spiralling out of control.

Hypnotic drum programming, turbulent droning cold synth, swoops of evocative achingly emotional guitar lines, around a lush floaty voice with an angelic twist to ooze a pervasive sense of subdued inner turmoil and chaos.

Scattered snare beats, surrounded by reverb-tinged glistening wistful guitar melodies, humming and hissing eternal low ends, exude claustrophobic pent-up anxiety and uncertainty, embodied by soft ethereal vocal bliss, bathed in shattered joy and dreamy high isolation, gently shift into lilting tinkly piano whirls paving the way for fast-paced urgent rhythms, augmented by searing wailing 6-string distortion to dramatize hopeless ethereal harmonies shedding echoing sorrow.

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