WL//WH Track Of The Day : WITCH OF THE VALE “Trust the Pain”

Track Of The Day Witch of the Vale

Scottish dark electronic duo WITCH OF THE VALE, comprised of Erin and Ryan Hawthorne, from the serene shores of Loch Lomond and the remote Outer Hebridean Isles, have just dropped their second 3-track EP entitled “Trust the Pain”, an intriguing and distinctive blend between the alluring Erin‘s folk-tinged ethereal voice, brimming with deep uncanny melancholy, and the extraordinarily intense and immersive, at once spellbinding and unsettling, synth laden ritualistic shadowy soundscapes shrouded in mystery and magic, delving into the heart-of-darkness of the soul.

Title track “Trust the Pain” lingers with a profound haunting gothic aura of fear, aching, and guilt, made of dense and emotionally wrenching tapestry of eerie resonating piano keys, sombre and poignant strings, droning synths and hypnotic drumbeats coalescing in a melancholic yet disturbing, ethereal and hazy downward spiral laced with grief and sorrow, embodied by the beautifully captivating, silky weaving wistful angelic vocals, weighted with an unresolved traumatic past that caused her an uncertain existence of pain and self suffering.

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Photo by Esoteric_Elysium