WL//WH Track Of The Day: WILD MEADOWS “Canyon”

Track Of The Day Wild Meadows

A welcome rather informal back on track, after around 5 years hiatus, from the Melbourne-based band Wild Meadows, with the new single “Canyon”, which had stirred some interest in the Spring of 2018 with a noteworthy Self-Titled debut album, which deftly combines dilated, swirling, and overlaying shimmering psychedelic and shoegaze textures with jangly and noise-pop melodies, wrapped in hazy blankets of fuzz and distortions.

For those who don’t follow the socials, the band, currently settled as a quintet, has resumed playing live here and there, after the pandemic complications, slowly composing and tweaking the new songs that will be part of the sophomore LP, already in the mixing stage since 2021, curated by the trusted producer Mino Peric.

The biggest news is certainly the entry of the new singer Alana West, well known to the most attentive for having been part of the regretted Jangle-Gaze Post-punkers Hideous Towns, who adds a more dynamic and intense, albeit less dreamy, vocal quality. 

Alana herself is also the author of the poetic lyrics of “Canyon” which explore the act of persuasion whilst giving nods to the hands of fate.

The new track explores more meandering, jangling guitar-driven territories more akin to early The Go-Betweens/New Order than My Bloody Valentine, as well to their own “These Days” than “Feel The Noise” to be more straightforward, unraveling through a vibrant bed of nimble drum beats and sinuously warm pulsating basslines, whilst a vibrant winding interplay of jagged, scraping riffs and rippling sparkling melodies, insistently swirling around urgent emotional vocals, aching in deep breaths of angsty passion.

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