WL//WH Track Of The Day : White Coal Addiction “Tryptical Soul”

Track Of The Day

Belgian 3-piece White Coal Addiction have just dropped their third EP “Truth”, the last chapter of a triptych started in 2015, 6 tracks filled to the brim of solid and poignant 80’s influenced coldwave and post-punk with shoegaze and noise-rock undertones.

In “Tryptical Soul” a classic effective post-punk rhythm section laying down a solid and bleak foundation, the steady drums push forward, the melodic bass throbs relentlessly as somber, anxious and sharp guitar lines keep the gloomy tension simmering underneath and soar along and above the heartfelt and emotional vocals in an urgent and frenetic frenzy of passion and desire.

An extremely strong release, impassioned, solid and yearning, that while adhering to all the fundamentals of the genre, sounds absolutely genuine and utterly refreshing.

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Photo by © Patrice Hoerner