WL//WH Track Of The Day: WHIRLE “What She Thinks She Knows”

Track Of The Day  WHIRLE  

Brazilian musician and producer, Matheus Nascimento, formerly one-half of the Psych-tinged Electropop duo Slowaves, joins forces, with his old friend artist and designer Vita Conti, in the new music and visual project Whirle, delving into Post-punk and Shoegaze oneiric soundscapes inspired by Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth.

The São Paulo-based duo’s debut single, “What She Thinks She Knows”, via London-based Brazilian independent label Midsummer Madness, hits a sweet spot by orchestrating a both intimate and visceral dizzy back and forth of dismal and yearning emotions, dealing with a sad, dithering solitary soul, who longs to be saved through an intimate connection.

The song outpours repetitive hypnotic beats whose heartbeat pulse along with somber droning basslines, through the brittle lights and shadows of iridescent, wistful guitar melodies subtly echoing with glowing lonely intensity, seeped through rich reverbs and spectral atmospherics, gently swept with corroborating dazzling drifts, to comfort reflective yet slightly radiating granular male vocals, swaying in and out of sweet and distant celestial-layered, “soft as snow but warm inside”, fascinations.

A couple of further Whirle‘s singles are scheduled in the forthcoming months. Keep a close eye on them.

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