WL//WH Track Of The Day: WELL ADJUSTED “So Sick”

Track Of The Day   WELL ADJUSTED

Stockholm-based Indie Pop unit Well Adjusted, fronted by singer and songwriter Emma Pettersson along with guitarist Aron Lange, guitarist Oscar Krantz, bassist Fernando Hermida and drummer Emil Petersson, return to deliver their vision of heartfelt and melancholic, yet simultaneously intense and vibrant guitar-rock, through the band’s Shoegaze dusted third single, “So Sick”, a song about ‘self-reflection and facing your old bad habits.’

“So Sick” of trying, a lost soul lingers in a rush of dreamy emotional turmoil stirred by a lilting bed of thick throbbing organic basslines and stumbling drums, layered with a warm reverberating blur of nostalgic sparkling guitar melodies, lonesomely twanging with a sweeping psychedelic sheen, to uplift beautiful, agony and ecstasy, ethereal yet powerful vocals, wrapped in baritone back-ups and excruciating cries, through swirling immersive echoes, weighted with isolation and yearning.

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