WL//WH Track Of The Day: WE OWN THE NIGHT “Fieras”

Track Of The Day  We Own The Night  

Drawing from the cold, obscure sound of 80s post-punk and new wave, Mexico City-based darkwave /synthpop duo We Own The Night create enthralling and pulsating dark synth-laden soundscapes fueled by mechanical hypnotic rhythms, haunted with sombre melancholy and bleak introspection, amidst strong pop leanings, as menacing and brooding, as it is nostalgic and melodic.

“Fieras” is the first promising single, taken from the forthcoming debut EP, laced with dystopian lyrics fed up with the modern digital age and the Orwellian eyes of technology.

Dark, urgent allure winds dangerous gurgling bassline menace rumbling with rapid oscillations along with ominous off-tempo beats to scatter panic and pain, stabbed by flashing soaring synth riffs twisting deeply around intense dual male/female distorted chants and primal vocalizations to forming a rousing disenchanted rebuke to modern dystopic times, while a galloping rhythmic pace swiftly cuts through with dazzling, zipping chords and whimsical laser effects in a hallucinogenic idealistic escape “off the grid” of mundane society.

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