WL//WH Track Of The Day: WAVES CRASHING “All In My Head”

Track Of The Day  WAVES CRASHING  

By heart, I can’t remember shoegazing bands from Olympia, Washington, a place that I have always associated, since the late ’80s and early ’90s, with punkish bands mainly associated with the post-hardcore (Unwound) and riot grrrl (Kill Rock Stars) scene, even if the contemporary appearance of Calvin Johnson’s Beat Happening and related projects in addition to his K Records label, introduced also a strong bent of indie-rock-twee-pop leanings.

Originally formed in 2019 by Josh Calisti (guitar, vocals) and Bryce Albright (drums) with last year’s additions of Luke Ogden (bass, backing vocals) and Landon Young (lead guitar), the Wavegaze /Indie Rock 4-piece band Waves Crashing follow up their last Novembers’ debut EP “Sea of Wires”, with the upcoming 3-tracker, high​/​low”, scheduled to be released on April 15, 2022 via Audiomanic Records.

The group have developed and perfected a rich and melodic guitar-laden sound, always teetering between freshness and nostalgia, atmospheric reflective dreampop and shimmering noisy shoegaze textures over ecstatic vocalizations, with underlying darker strains, and as in this latest occasion, an intoxicating psychedelic sheen.

The first song unveiled deals with upbeat lyrics that depict the intoxicating ethos of insight, manifestation, and destiny flowing free “All In My Head”

and unfurls in an energetic and introspective wax and wane of swelling sparkling ripples, and slightly abrasive, soft fuzzy layers of guitar distortion, floating on invigorating relentless dynamic rhythms and a lithe bassline throbbing with increasingly groovy poignancy, to draw hypnotic and enveloping heartfelt emotive melodies around hazy, elated vocals, casting doubt, angst, and fear into an expanding tremolo-laden swirling horizon of wisdom and trust.

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