WL//WH Track Of The Day: WALLACE WELSH “Feel Real (feat. SPACE DAZE)”

Track Of The Day  WALLACE WELSH (feat. Space Daze)  

Wallace Welsh is the moniker of a young Italian bedroom musician, singer and composer from Rome, who for less than a year has been taking their first steps uploading early homespun sonic compositional experiments on Soundcloud, walking the line of dream pop and indie-rock with some vague shoegaze, psych and post-punk leanings.

After a tantalizing single 4 months ago, they opened up to a couple of long-distance collaborations, the latest of which with the help of former guitarist of Seattle‘s band Seapony, Danny Rowland, under his Space Daze alias, to instil a heavy dose of sinuous and moving bittersweet melancholy.

Echoing the soulful aching grace of Cheval Sombre or Dean & Britta, “Feel Real” is a dainty and suffused beatless surreal folksy tune, subtly psychedelic, with persistent Americana flavours, at the same time suspended in an abstract and intimate dimension of shadow souls, lilting with a dilated oneiric slow pace, coated in a dreamlike and muffled blanket of brittle, shimmering strummed guitar ripples, emotively sprinkled by tinkly drops of wistful piano notes, whiny curls of slide reverbs and sparse subtle emotional airy harp harmonies, as gentle, atmospheric dual vocals hazily croon and long secret confessions into the carefree caress of euphoric daydreams.

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