WL//WH Track Of The Day: WALLACE WELSH “19”


After a string of compelling singles since 2020, we underlined the precious semi-acoustic dual vocal ballad with Space Daze (AKA Danny Rowland of Seapony), “Feel Real”, the Italian bedroom-pop solo project based in Rome, Wallace Welsh finally drops the 4-track debut EP “Haunt Me”, built on the same twinkling echoing guitar tone of the previous tunes “Walk me home” or “Never gonna kiss her”, with immersive, fragile and emotive melodies and ghostly sombre vocals, to mesmerize the listener with an hypnotic spine-tingling blur of dream-pop and post-punk undercurrents.

The lead and more rhythmic track of the lot, “19”,  laced with romantic lyrics dwelling in a shy and anxious headspace of fear, secrecy, and shame, is stirred by a sinuously pulsing bleak bassline nodding to Joy Division’s timeless bleakness, layered by a glistening web of jangly guitar chimes meandering and curling around dreamy, melancholic vocals breathing airy distorted layers of haunted love into a dreary obsessive atmosphere of dark and brooding moods.

Albeit in the sound’s stylistic coherence throughout the EP, softening the stiffness of the drum machine with the sinuous sulky undulations of a post-punk style bass, further nurture and accentuate the inner torment and anxiety, adorned with softly resonant magnetic and sprawling twinkling reverberations, Rome‘s singer-songwriter elicits pensive, wistful and shadowy auras of longing and lovelorn romance, nestled amongst introspective gloom and rarefied bittersweet charm.

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