WL//WH Track Of The Day: VUM “Living Things”

Track Of The Day VUM

Following last year’s unexpected, after a long hiatus, James Chance and Iggy Pop inspired 7 and a half minute banger of a single, titled “Fractal Ladie”, Topanga Canyon, California based trio VUM have announced the release of their new EP “Wild Enclosures” due to be released on July 10th, 2020, via their own imprint Secret Lodge Recordings.

Burgeoning from a fatal encounter on the stage playing with different bands, L.A. based VUM is the tightly wound creative force between Jennifer Pearl (ex-Lion Fever, Lost Kids) and Christopher Badger (founding member of Grand Elegance) started on New Year’s Day, 2008 with the intention to experiment through a minimal and genre-defying approach with vintage synths, keyboards, and drum machines.

Soon joined by live drummer Scott Spaulding, the pair based in Neil Young’s old studio in Topanga Canyon, called the Secret Lodge, also their home and name of their DIY record label, to create profound and unpredictable sonic artifacts with a throbbing and stripped-down distillation of synthetic and organic, dubbed ‘noir-pop’.

An array of influences from post-punk, new wave, psychedelia, Krautrock, no-wave, to name a few continually nourish the band’s gripping soundscapes, at time comforting and passionate, others dark, menacing and cold, that provide the perfect scenario and harmonize perfectly with Jennifer‘s haunting shapeshifting vocals and natural gift to express diverse moods and tone hues with ease.

The new song “Living Things”, in anticipation of the EP, is enriched by dramatic lyrics digging deep inside the heart of a woman trying to survive and find meaning in an unstable world filled with judgment and fear.

Flickering airy keyboard flows slide into arrhythmic, thudding drumbeats, underneath droning synth whirs, gently pierced by shimmering guitar melodies that sparkle ceaselessly over desperately struggling pained vocals suffering unforgiving alienation, layered in heartfelt soulful cries and beautiful emotional quivering, punctuated by soothing conga patterns and sweeping trippy, shuddering tremolo 6-string pulses, soaring in a mournfully triumphant finale to descend back into the chilling stark reality echoed by the wistful skeletal chords of an organ, ‘It’s my fault, forgive me I am just a living thing’.

VUM‘s 2nd EP and 8th release “Wild Enclosures” is slated for release July 10th, 2020 on their own imprint Secret Lodge Recordings.

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Photo by Kristin Cofer