WL//WH Track Of The Day: VONDER “Endorphin”

Track Of The Day  VONDER  

Met in 2020 on the virtual stage of the “Isolation Sessions” in Eindhoven with their respective solo projects, the young artists from the Netherlands, Ellenor Vora and Benjamin (Noire Antidote) decide to combine, under the Vonder moniker, the sorrowful and magnetic alluring voice of the former with the throbbing and evocative synthetic landscapes of the latter, to create an obscure, moody and obsessive electro-darkwave sound that envelops into shadowy and poignant oneiric spirals of distressed melancholy.

The two-tracker, “Woman / Endorphin”, the duo’s fourth single to date, sticks to the habit of coupling an immersive and atmospheric with a more rhythmic and danceable song.

Following the industrial-strewn, nocturnal and emotive crescendo for piano, voice and drum machine of “Woman”, “Endorphin” deals with a distressed mind that teeters on the brink of sanity to confess relentless obsession, despair, and guilt at the hands of a wandering heart.

Steadily lashing and hypnotic snare beats interlaced with pulsating droning basslines are pierced by neurotic strings of sonar ping-like, flashing synth chords around the emotional inner resonance of painfilled vocals, to chisel out harsh emotional moods of tension and anxiety through a cold murky atmosphere of latent fear.

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Photo by @frank_bouwkamp