WL//WH Track Of The Day: VOID REPUBLIC “Burning Truth”


On the same elegant wavelength of the cinematic, futuristic, and dystopic Minimal Wave from renowned fellow Quebecois acts such as Automelodi, Essaie Pas, Xarah Dion, Police des moeurs and lately NO, the enigmatic solo project from Montreal, Void Republic fits in more than worthily, although, active since 2010, with just a single on his behalf in the faraway 2017, finally coupled with the new 2-track Skies Collapse” EP. 

A misty, monochromatic, and foreboding Synthpop frenzy, “Burning Truth” is rife with magnetic dancing energy, brimming with dramatic confrontation, that pulsates and snaps mechanically on a dark and gloomy sea of vibrant restlessness, propelled by an urgent sharp drum machine rushing headlong with frenetic pulsating bass undulations, obsessively stabbed by a paranoid stack of clinking keys, wrapped in an emotive wandering array of whirring and flimsy forlorn synth drifts, whilst cold, guilty melancholic broods fret in doom laden anticipation.

More somber and percussive, the instrumental Grey Horizon explores a glacial and forsaken environment, sprawling through evocative buzzing synth sweeps overflowing with reflective pathos and loneliness against the backdrop of dreadful black-and-white cinematic horizons.

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