WL//WH Track Of The Day: VIRGINS “Vows”

Track Of The Day  VIRGINS

Belfast based dream-gazers, comprised of musician and lyricist Michael Smyth and singer Brook-Valentine Lorimer, unveil today their debut single “Vows”, produced by Jonny Woods of Wynona Bleach, who also adds his hearty bass pulsations.

The bliss kissed “Vows” propels the mind into a rapture of ecstatic emotions, equal parts fuzzy noise and ethereal rarefaction, which purr to the unworldly kaleidoscopic vibrations of ’90s trailblazers such as MBV, Ride and Smashing Pumpkins as well as contemporary acts such as Nothing, Deaf Cult, Narrow Head and Whirr.

Esoteric lyrics describe a psychedelic state of consciousness drawn in metaphor, symbolism, and ritual to deliver

“an ethereal warning against being coerced into actions simply to appease the needs and wants of others when these couldn’t be any further from your own desires.”

An intoxicating and brightly bustling intense brew of droning whirling distortion and unfurling glistening guitar strands, sinuous blooms of bass grooves, and energetic scattered drum beats, harmonize and swell into hazily effervescent shimmers of a sparkly wall of sound enraptured radiance, around soft layers of dreamy female vocals, ghostly whispers, and fading echoes of lost innocence to fly high and weightless into a celestial sea of regret and wishes.

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