WL//WH Track Of The Day: VIOLENT DREAMS “The Terror”

Track Of The Day   VIOLENT DREAMS  

Following the bewitching debut “Scared of the Dark” EP in 2017, Liverpool, UK based solo project, sometimes aided by his girlfriend Abby on vocals, is back with their sophomore effort “Serotonin” EP, another 4-tracker where elements of shoegaze, dream-pop and noise seamlessly blend together to create alluring, wistfully emotional, dark soundscapes between striking viscerality and introverted atmospherics.

A lo-fi thick, cohesive sound, more hermetic and less immediate than the debut, profoundly absorbing and evocative, drowned in thick and gray blankets of guitar reverberations interspersed with outbursts of blistering noise, that slips slowly under the skin, encompassing time and space, to awake and captivate the senses.

With nods to the narcotic melodies of Mazzy Star, “The Terror” builds on searing, lush, dense layers of reverb and delay, backed by relentless, precise drums, that slowly flow in a murky haze of deep sadness, loneliness and desolation, punctuating dark, off-kilter, detached vocals stuck within fear and enlightenment, nightmare and daydream, The voice, the rhythms, the guitar sparsely linger back in an achingly blissful, swirling liaison encapsulating the fiercely mournful, heartfelt and dramatic mood over an increasingly stark burst of intoxicating yet disturbing brilliance.

While I was writing this post, the band have shared the video for the introspective and hypnotic “Grace”, check it out!

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