WL//WH Track Of The Day: VIKTOR KUU “Es Kommt”

Track Of The Day  VIKTOR KUU

We do not have enough sound material available, just 3 songs from last June’s 12-track debut cassette album, “Tot”, to have a comprehensive view of the musical production of the young Estonian artist Uku Õunapuu, albeit enough to have some seemingly persuasive hints.

Tallinn‘s musician’s darkwave project under the alias of Viktor Kuu harks back to the cold synth-laden wave / post-punk sound of the early 80s, atmospheric, enveloping, gloomily melodic and moderately danceable, with some evocative swells of organic instruments such as bass and guitar and the distinctive flair of the use of the Teutonic language by a deep and morose, yet slightly more sedated, voice a la She Past Away.

Departing from the minimal wav-ish rest, the obscure and languorous “Es Kommt / It Comes” unravels at a slow and lilting pace wrapping within itself a devotional and decadent murky ambience of esoteric mysticism and allure.

Arcane ethereal female hums briefly overcome a round, deep and eternal bassline, left to pulsate somberly beneath scattered steady snare beats and spectral, plangent guitar melodies that glisten with aching piercing intensity, obsessed by the eerily glowing swirls of weeping and fluting synth contours, to add layers of anguished melancholy and spiritual mystery around beautifully haunted baritone croons, unbinding ceremonial hymns of heartfelt fear and devotion into the cold dim serenity of the dying lights of twilight.

Viktor Kuu‘s 12-track debut cassette album, “Tot”, was dropped last June’s on a limited numbered cassette edition via Tallinn‘s label Trash Can DancePossibly still available at the source or ask directly to the artist.

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