WL//WH Track Of The Day: VENETIAN BLINDS “Silent Killer”

Track Of The Day  Venetian Blinds

Enigmatic Melbourne-based darkwave five-piece Venetian Blinds already struck a chord with us almost a year ago on the occasion of their debut single “Cheating” (review here).

Moreover, almost impossible to remain indifferent to the band’s enthralling, strikingly intense, nocturnal, atmospheric sound, where the musical texture and the lyrics complement each other in an astonishingly effective way over somber and plaintive moods, swelling and waning amid wistfulness and pain, with spellbinding and penetrating emotional depth.

The new and third single “Silent Killer”, from the forthcoming debut album, is ‘a foreboding tale, alluding to a sense of imminent loss and hopelessness in the course of love’.

A woman feels drained when her partners’ need for love becomes unsatiable, sending her into a depression where thoughts of freedom arise

Monotonous and relentless muffled kicks and snares drums unroll into a dead-end painful slow dirge around profound spacious dramatic synth drones, ominous pulsing bleak bass notes and mournful searing slivers of guitar to set a dismal and desolate fatal tone of palpable darkness, dread and anxiety, stoked by dainty, detached, wandering vocals, while distortion-soaked excruciating dire leads cut, bleed and whine on top, For a brief moment the dense, pent-up instrumentation seems to slowly unfurl and release in full-body behind the voice swathed in troubled, suffering and depression, but it’s just an ephemeral illusion, it keeps in its disturbing yet inescapable pace, morose and tragic, extremely subdued, helplessly heartbreaking.

Another great single for the Aussie band.

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