WL//WH Track Of The Day: VELVET SUNSET “Summer Night”

Track Of The Day  Velvet Sunset

French nuanced indie rock duo Velvet Sunset, made of C. Eléonore on vocals and Max W on guitar, drop their third single of the year entitled “Summer Night”.

As usual, the band reveal a penchant to find a fine balance between light and shadow, heartfelt ethereal dream-pop introspection and shoegaze reverb dizziness peppered with noisy grungey vibes and a strong hazy melodic quality.

Emotive and nostalgic, vaguely lysergic, laced with dreamy lyrics longing for the youthful carefree innocence of lost love, “Summer Night” is penetrated through by agonizing, stabbing guitar leads recalling the crunchy tones of the Crazy Horse or even Television, over the alluring, mesmeric vocalizations wandering in dreamlike shadows.

Fueled by steadily punchy drum beats, seething and obsessive sparkling guitar strains writhe, pierce and distort to resound obsessively with sheer blazing, bleeding melancholy, enveloped by bright wistfully emotional string winds, whilst drowsy, soothing female vocals fade, float and fall helplessly into a soft, warm sunset breeze against a final outburst, brimming with plaintive searing electric vibrancy.

The flip, “Old school lovers”, is a nocturnal bittersweet electro-acoustic lullaby of lovelorn charm.

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