WL//WH Track Of The Day: VELVET COAT “#2903”

Almost two year from his brilliant debut EP “Niemand” via Berlin-based Black Verb Records, VELVET COAT, the post-punk/new wave project by Abdelkader Ouchène, a designer and artist from Offenbach, Germany, is back with the first single self released single, on Digital and ltd. Cassette + bonus track, from the forthcoming sophomore EP still in the works.

Slow, desolate, alienating yet gripping dirge, “#2903” is set by stark marching mechanical metallic kicks and snares, buzzing bassline surrounded by dusky cold synth washes that float mercilessly along restrained, woeful simmering guitar bleeds, as indecipherable spooky, morose baritone vocalizations weighted with distress and anguish descend into a dark, haunted, claustrophobic depression numbed by tragedy and human weakness.

Let yourself indulge in its gloomy yet sublime sonic embrace.

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