WL//WH Track Of The Day : VEIL OF LIGHT “Same Blood”

Track Of The Day 

The excellent Zurich imprint Lux Rec., run by Daniele Cosmo & Dominik Faber, is back operative with a new website and today gives us no less than two previews from the first from a series of three split EP, unveiled by fellow Zurich natives Veil Of Light and Sleep Forever. 

The 2-piece Veil Of Light, started in 2012 as a enigmatic solo side project with a darkwave /post-punk sound drenched in shoegaze reverb and distortion, enough to be called ‘gothgaze’, the background influences of dark electronics, EBM and industrial have gradually becoming increasingly dominant, like last year“Front Teeth” album on Avant! Records album clearly shows, what has never changed, however, is their distinctive cathartic dark intensity.

“Same Blood” is a syncopated, hypnotic and minimal slice of dark electro, the beats are persistent and intense and the basslines robotic and sturdy, but are the icy sinister synths layers and the gloomy vocals that delve into a bleak soundscape of darkness and despair, crafting an immersive, melancholic, nocturnal dance anthem for the creatures of the night.

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Photo by Jan Kuča Photography