WL//WH Track Of The Day: VEIK “Difficult Machinery”

Track Of The Day  Veik

Caen based French experimental three-piece Veik, comprised of Boris Collet (drums/vocals), Adrien Legrand (synths/backing vocals) and Vincent Condominas (guitar/bass), have unveiled the first single, “Difficult Machinery”, from their upcoming debut album “Surrounding Structures” 

With a handful of EPs and singles under their belt, tours around Europe, and shows with the likes of The Soft Moon, Tomaga and Vanishing Twin, the band have deftly crafted, with a minimal set-up of vintage analog synths, guitars and drums, an equally obscurely restless and hypnotically sharp multifaceted sound, inspired by the European Brutalist architecture, straddling experimentation and tradition, while swaying ceaselessly between static and dynamic, chaotic and mesmeric, harmonious and edgy, to unfold in an intense and heartfelt imaginary that takes their cues from Post-Punk, Krautrock, Psychedelia and No Wave, joining the dots between Terry Riley, Velvet Underground, Faust, Neu!, Suicide, Glenn Branca, Pere Ubu, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Labradford…

Emotional lyrics, inspired by singer and drummer Boris Collet‘s personal experience with a loved in the hospital, use the metaphor of the body as a machine to express fear, frustration, and mortality.

Teeming with exhilarating angularity and murky charm, relentless metronomic beats pulse with dense magnetic intensity, flooded by droning spirals of glaring narcotic keyboard haze, underlined by obsessive bass twangs bouncing back and forth in an ominous loop, as whistle-infused, sparkling melodic guitar chords resound desolately interspersed with dismal detached male vocals releasing sad airy observations through an overwhelming vortex of anxiety. Opiate VU-like, shimmering six-string piercing riff abrasion triggers a propulsive crispy clipping percussive pattern and haunting pinpoint low end, steeped in dazzling diaphane synth swathes, to cast a feverish transfixing weave of trance-inducing aural buzz, culminating in a screeching frenzy of voiceless, cacophonic distortion.

A very persuading first single, surely until April we’re in for other intriguing and enticing trippy sonic jams.

Veik‘s debut LP “Surrounding Structures” is due for release April 30th on London-based Fuzz Club Records.

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