WL//WH Track Of The Day: VASA KUMORA “Lust Loves Loss”

Track Of The Day  VASA KUMORA  

Hailing from Crotone, South of Italy, the mysterious, essentially studio project Vasa Kumora reaches its eighth single release, since October 2022, with increasing instrumental and songwriting prowess in dealing with the 80s-inspired Gothy Post-punk/Dark Wave tropes.

The Italian band creates their own brand of ‘depressive rock’ through a balanced chemistry between the shape-shifting evocative guitar work from the founder Ssiv, somehow, as in the latter case, recalling the dark moody intensity of early Placebo, and the intricate rhythm patterns, spectral keyboards, along, above all, the alluring, subtly hoarse, emotive vocal delivery from John Ghost.

Framed in the usual impressive cover artwork, “Lust Loves Loss”, is laced with confessional lyrics that evoke feelings of pain, isolation, and loss at the hands of rejecting oneself to adore another.

Ceaselessly urgent off-tempo drum beats and meandering broody throbbing basslines, scratched by eerie sparkling echoing guitar melodies and abrasive vibrant distorted riffs, layer obsessive hopelessness over haunted heartfelt ominous vocals, breathing aching melancholy and dread into oozing creases of dire suffering

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